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Family Embellishment

Engage Individually

Your time and your talents keep families together.

Volunteer Opportunities For Committed Individuals

Become more involved with our mission. Become more connected to families in need.

Our individual volunteer program trains people like you to help support our mission and the families we serve daily. This is your opportunity to make Ronald McDonald House a regular part of your life.

Get Started as an Individual Volunteer

"I especially enjoy working with the volunteer lunch groups as it gives me an opportunity to mix with our guests and see what I can do to be helpful. Sometimes, just listening for a few minutes works wonders."

Bob C., volunteer at RMH near Lurie Children’s

What It Means to Engage

Getting involved with Ronald McDonald House changes lives – including your own.

Families with critically ill children are going through some of the hardest moments of their lives. By helping us keep our Houses and Family Rooms running smoothly, raise money, and spread the word, you make it possible for families to keep their focus on their children – just where it should be.