Emily Cepkauskas’ Family

When Emily was just three months old, she had her first open heart surgery. “It meant the world to us that I was able to stay so close to her,”...
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Everly Backe’s Family

“We had no idea how helpful Ronald McDonald House was until we had a medically fragile child. We have a great family, we have great friends, we have a great...
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John Francis Clark Family

When five-year-old John Francis was airlifted from Children’s Mercy Hospital in Missouri to Lurie Children’s on May 1, his parents, Hemma and John, had no idea how long they would...
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Mason Pritchett Family

When Mason Pritchett was just a baby, he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that required a bone marrow transplant to save his life. But when the first transplant...
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Zaylee van Aardt Family

All new parents want to welcome a healthy baby into the world, but when something goes wrong, “it feels like sudden chaos” Hanz van Aardt remembers after the birth of...
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Theresa Ybanez Family

When three-year-old Theresa came down with what her parents, Kayla and Nick, thought was an ear infection, they weren’t too worried. But after a few days of no improvement, they...
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Trenton Price Family

While vacationing in Chicago from California, 21-month-old Trenton started having trouble breathing. His parents, Jeff and Veronica, rushed him to the ER where he stopped breathing, was placed on a...
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Carter DeAngelis Family

When Brittney’s son, Carter, was six months old, she unexpectedly found him in his room extremely lethargic and struggling to breathe. She took him to the emergency room where he...
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Seth Burnside

Seth Burnside’s Family

Jessica Burnside was just 22 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to her baby boy, Seth. While doctors were doing everything they could, his chance for survival was slim. Despite...
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Whitney Webster in play room

Whitney Webster’s Family

When doctors discovered that three-year-old Whitney Webster had a ruptured kidney due to a cancerous tumor, she needed emergency surgery, weeks in the hospital to recover, radiation treatment and ongoing...
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