October Volunteer of the Month – Marcy Fishback

Meet our volunteers! Each month, we highlight stand-out volunteers and how they support families. For October, meet Marcy Fishback, who has donated her time to our Ronald McDonald House near Loyola University Medical Center since 2022.

  1. How long have you volunteered with Ronald McDonald House?
    I started volunteering with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana (RMHC-CNI) in January 2022, and it has been interesting to watch the activity level grow at the Ronald McDonald House in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Where do you typically volunteer, and what do you usually do?
    I have the pleasure of working with the exceptional team at the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola University Medical Center in Hines, IL. When I first started volunteering, my time was spent restocking snack bins, replenishing toys, sorting gift bags and doing laundry. Now, because the House tends to be pretty busy these days, my shifts are typically filled with loads of washing, drying, folding and maintaining the linen closet. I’m happy to do this because the busyness means we are helping more and more guests week after week. While doing laundry may not typically be anyone’s favorite job (at home or elsewhere), I know that it is perhaps one of the most important. Few would argue that there’s next to nothing better than fresh linens – especially for folks that are facing medical challenges.
  3. Why did you first start volunteering with Ronald McDonald House, and what keeps you coming back?
    I attended a volunteer orientation session for RMHC-CNI in late 2021 knowing that in retirement I would need something to keep me busy. A friend who volunteers on the board of RMHC in Spokane, WA recommended I check into the local chapter. Though things were a bit slow when I first started, staff kept me motivated and promised that things would get busier. They didn’t lie!
  4. What is your favorite memory or experience from volunteering?
    I thoroughly enjoy connecting with the staff at the House, like Ray, Westyn, Maria and others when I check in and out. It’s always nice when we take a quick break to chat.
  5. What does it mean to you to donate your time to our organization?
    It is an opportunity to tangibly give back and pay it forward. It is always fulfilling and important to keep a balance of our time and talent commitment to the community and/or those in need. What’s better than knowing you’re having a positive impact or making a positive difference?
  6. If someone was thinking about becoming a volunteer with our organization, what would you tell them about getting involved?
    I’ve actually already gotten someone involved! My neighbor asked what I do for RMHC-CNI, and through our conversation we decided to volunteer together for Cookies from the Heart. Our baking team – Cookie Monsters – makes treats at the House at least once a month. We’ve done this twice so far and have fun planning, baking and enjoying the occasional interaction with guests. Now, she is even considering becoming an individual volunteer as well!For others looking to get involved, I would say to give it a try. There are so many options available it’s hard not to find something you would like to do. And, there’s nothing better than the good feeling after your shift.

Thank you, Marcy for your contributions to helping families feel at home!

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