The McCabe Family

Melody McCabe smiles as she lays down next to her son DanielDaniel’s story is so unusual, it’s already been told multiple times in the national media. He’s six months old now, but was born with biliary atresia.

Eventually doctors informed Melody, his mother, that Daniel needed a liver transplant.

“From the time he was listed for a liver – it was a 40-minute wait time. This is pretty miraculous,” Melody explains. Daniel was the hospital’s smallest liver transplant patient at 8 pounds.

Because the rest of the family was back in Wisconsin, Melody wasn’t sure where she’d stay during the care Daniel needed. But she knew she needed to be close by.

Then she learned about Ronald McDonald House from a social worker.

“I thought the House was amazing,” Melody says. Her husband stayed at the House while she stayed with Daniel at the hospital.

“One of the volunteers here came to the hospital and stayed so I could get a break and recharge. Just knowing you have a place to sleep is comforting.”

Today Daniel is doing very well. Melody reports that doctors have said he has been surprisingly healthy considering all he has been through.