Tartans of Art / Giant Golf Balls




Tartans of Art / Giant Golf Balls

Giant 36 in. diameter Golf Ball Sculptures.

From concept to production of over 100, to scale golf balls on a tee and base.


The Golf Balls made to an amazing 3 foot diameter, mounted onto a Tee and set upon a 2 foot square box, Where designed and and manufactured at Busch Plastics , in Lynwood IL., under the sponsorship of Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Tartan Art exhibit .

They are Painted and decorated by local artists, celebrities, and famous artists. The Tartan Art exhibit will show case a ball painted by Famous Artist Leroy Neiman, the balls will be positioned along Michigan Ave, in Chicago, during the month of September, 2012, while The Ryder Cup is being hosted in Chicago IL., other balls will be placed in front of Various Businesses who donated for them, and also placed along the Ryder Cup Course.

Proceeds will go to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

This is a great opportunity for local artists, not only to help in a charitable cause, but to also show off their art and have them presented for the public to see.

The Golf Balls have been covered by NBC5Chicago , ABC7Chicago and here, and the Chicago Daily Herald and here

Tartan Art is an outdoor art exhibit and fundraiser that is part of Magnificent Moments, an official charitable fundraising campaign for the 2012 Ryder Cup benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicago-land and Northwest Indiana and the Illinois PGA Foundation. The installation will feature distinctive, five-foot golf ball sculptures displayed along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and from September 13- October 10.

The Busch Plastics crew are Frank, Debbi, Courtney, Morgan, Matt, Pam, Kevin, and Justin

This was a very fun project to do, it is not often someone asks for a Giant Golf Ball, and since it was for a good cause, it also made it a rewarding project. We are grateful for having the opportunity to participate in such a good cause.

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