Nick Saccaro and Alex Brown - Giving Back

Quest Food Management Services, Nick Saccaro and Alex Brown, support families through community engagement and volunteerism.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Alex is the Marketing & Communications Manager at Quest Food Management Services, and Nick is the President at Quest.

Quest provides onsite food service management services for schools, colleges/universities, corporate campuses, and other locations.  Quest is a locally owned company that was started in 1985.  Today we have grown to serve over 80 partners in 130+ facilities in three states, though most of our work is here in Chicagoland.  Our growth has been built on a foundation of fresh, scratch, wholesome food.

How did you first become involved in the Charity?

Alex was truly the impetus for us to get involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana (RMHC-CNI). Alex wanted to lead the development of a formal charitable partnership for our organization, so we started to lay out the criteria for a partnership that would best suit us and allow us to make the biggest impact.

We were looking for a partner who also serves the kinds of customers we work with, and who had a wide variety of locations we could support since we have employees spread over a wide geographic area. We immediately thought of Ronald McDonald House, and because our people love to cook, it made great sense for us to be able to volunteer to do what we love to do for families in need of good food and a smile.  Finally, we were looking for a partner with an outstanding reputation who we knew would make efficient use of resources.

In addition to onsite volunteering, we also rolled out the ability for our employees to make charitable contributions to the Charity through payroll deduction, and Quest has matched every dollar of those donations.

Why is supporting the Charity important to you?

Quest is a rapidly growing organization, fueled in large part by strong word of mouth and referral from our existing clients and customers.  We have grown over 120 percent in the past five years and serve nearly 100,000 students across Chicagoland every day.

With all of this growth comes a need, a desire, to maintain our “why” – why are we serving others, why are we growing, why are we always trying to grow and improve.  A big part of that why is so we can make an impact in our community.  This partnership is just part of the charitable work we do as an organization, but it is the only partnership where so many of our employees from a variety of locations can come together to make an impact as a team.  Building that type of camaraderie while doing good work for others is so special.

Do you have a favorite moment?

I would say our favorite moments were touring the different Ronald McDonald Houses. Seeing first-hand the amount of work and detail the charity does to create a fun and comforting place for families staying at the House was amazing. It truly created an entirely new appreciation and willingness for our employees to get involved with the Charity. We still hear our employees talk about the fun themed rooms and the excitement they saw in the young children staying at the Houses.

What do you want others to know?

Take time to enrich the lives of others. The smallest bit helps. It is our duty to offer our time and resources to those in need. You’ll not only help benefit someone else, but provide a sense of personal achievement and satisfaction in yourself.

To learn more about how your business or organization can do more to help children and families, contact Ben Morgridge at