A Letter from the Etheridge Family

Hi there – My name is Jessica Etheridge. Our family’s journey with Ronald McDonald House has been a beacon of hope, thanks to the kindness of supporters like you.

Our daughter, Avonlea, is one of only about 800 people with a rare genetic disorder. Her extensive treatments require us to travel from Champaign to Chicago, where she sees 15 specialists across four hospitals.

Staying at four of the six Ronald McDonald Houses in the Chicagoland area over the years has allowed us to be together as a family. Being able to include our two older boys in Avonlea’s life has been one of the best things and it helps us support her and each other through this journey.


This summer, as we prepare for another trip to Chicago and another therapy round for Avonlea, your support is vital. Your donations bring summer joys – treats, family BBQs, and safe play spaces – things I want my children to remember their summers by.

Please consider making a donation today. Everybody at Ronald McDonald House is living this unexpected life… it’s nice to meet others like us and your support brings warmth and hope to us all during difficult times.

Thank you,

Jessica Etheridge