Meals from the Heart Expands with Culinary Hearts this Fall

In order to better serve families and volunteers, we will be expanding our highly successful Meals from the Heart program this fall with the launch of Culinary Hearts at Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s.

In Culinary Hearts, volunteer groups will provide a donation to prepare meals alongside our new House Chef, who will be joining RMH near Lurie Children’s this fall. The chef will create daily menus, purchase all ingredients and provide volunteers with hands-on instruction to create delicious, healthy meals for children and their families. Volunteers will still be able to participate in the traditional Meals from the Heart program, in which they create their own menus and purchase and transport their own ingredients, at our four other Houses.

Culinary Hearts will ensure the 50 to 100 individuals served each day at RMH near Lurie Children’s receive a wide variety of high-quality, nutritious meals, while also giving volunteers more opportunities to interact with families and continuing to enjoy the collaborative experience of Meals from the Heart.

Culinary Hearts is a perfect option for corporate teambuilding and larger volunteer groups of up to 20 people to learn and work together without the logistical challenges of large-scale menu planning, grocery shopping and safe food transportation.

Volunteers can find an overview of all Meals from the Hearts opportunities and locations on the Meals from the Heart page.