Mason Pritchett’s Family

When Mason Pritchett was just a baby, he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that required a bone marrow transplant to save his life. But when the first transplant failed, Mason needed an emergency second transplant. Through both transplants, and subsequent hospital stays to support Mason through infections and reactions to medicines, his family was by his side every step of the way thanks to Ronald McDonald House.

For a combined 230+ days, the Pritchett family, including Mason’s mom, dad, brother and some extended family members, called Ronald McDonald House home so they could get better together.

“Ronald McDonald House gave us a place to rest and the opportunity to stay close to our child which was critical during long stays,” says Chris and Kari Pritchett. “The House had so much to offer families and children – both those in treatment as well as siblings. We were amazed at how happy the children were despite the challenges they faced. With areas to lounge, read, pray, play or watch a movie, the House helped us feel like we were home and provided everything we needed so we had one less thing to worry about.”