The Locke Family

Over the past 30 years, Ronald McDonald House has been my family’s guardian angel – twice.

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In 1987, my brother, Nick, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and pulmonary fibrosis that required chemotherapy and a ventilator. My parents spent a year at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago during his treatment – sometimes I was able to join them, too (that’s me in the green and yellow shirt).

Nick recovered and my family stayed involved with Ronald McDonald House, volunteering, donating, and sharing how the House kept our family close.

I never expected that, days after our first daughter was born in 2020, our family would need Ronald McDonald House again.

Our daughter, Rose, was rushed by ambulance from our hospital in Indiana to Chicago with a grade four ventricular hemorrhage. My wife, Lauren, and I followed in our car with no idea of where we were going to stay or what we needed to bring – our only thought was that we needed to stay close to Rose. 

Ronald McDonald House stepped up again to help us through a very challenging time, just like they did for my parents and my brother.

As a father, I would do anything to be there for my daughter, and I know my parents felt the same way when my brother was sick. Gifts like yours make that possible.

This Father’s Day, spending time with my daughter will be the best gift. If you can, your donation will make that possible for other fathers, brothers, and families like mine.

With all of my family’s gratitude,
Andy Locke