December Volunteers of the Month – Linda and Lora

Meet our volunteers! Each month, we’ll be highlighting a stand-out volunteer (or two) and how they support families. For December, meet Linda and Lora, two sisters who have volunteered at our Ronald McDonald House near Central DuPage Hospital since it opened.

Linda Hageman

“Several years ago, our sister was diagnosed with leukemia and we lived at the RMH in Minnesota for several months. It was a godsend to our family and kept everyone together. Lora and I both knew that someday we wanted to give back. I love the House and what it does for families.

It’s awesome when one of the kids gives a tour with you and tells volunteers about the House they live in, or when one of the kids meets you at the door with a big hug. I just want to make the time that families are at the House a little easier. It is such a difficult time and they need to feel at home. It is so awesome to see the smiles, hear the laughs, and spend time doing something so special. It means making a difference and hopefully some positive memories.”

Lora Bergmann

“I volunteer for the 5-9 p.m. shift every other Tuesday. The evening shift is my favorite time of the day because that’s when the families are there and we can make the Ronald McDonald House feel like their home. It’s a great time to chat with families and learn their stories. I am able to do crafts with the kids, work on special projects and do House restocking so that the families are ready for the next day. I love to give meal groups tours of the House and make them familiar with our House, share what we do, and explain how important the House is to all of the families that stay with us.

My sister and I both help decorate the House for all of the holidays, it’s fun to play around with different ideas and make the house welcoming to all of the families that stay there. I love when the kids help decorate. We also started a project where all the kids in the House make ornaments. We do it with the kids while they’re there, and then help hang the ornaments on the special tree for Christmas. I love when the families come back to the House for the Christmas party and the kids look for those special memories.

Having lived at the RMH in Minneapolis for two months, it feels amazing to give back to other families and give them a good experience. I want every family that stays with us to feel at home when they are far away from home.”