November Volunteer of the Month – Destiny Belzey

Meet our volunteers! Each month, we highlight stand-out volunteers and how they support families. For November, meet Destiny Belzey, who has already made a huge difference to families in the eight months that she’s volunteered.

  1. How long have you volunteered with RMHC-CNI?
    I become an individual volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House near Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) in March of 2022. So, I haven’t even been involved for a full year quite yet, but I’ve really enjoyed it so far.
  2. Where/how do you typically volunteer, and what do you usually do?
    I’m involved as a Team Volunteer at RMH near CDH in Winfield. While each shift is a little bit different, my typical responsibilities include doing some cleaning, restocking supplies, and sorting or putting away donations. During other shifts I’ve been positioned at the front desk to answer the phone, greet guests and help families, but usually you can find me out and about in the House.
  3. Why did you first start volunteering with RMHC-CNI, and what keeps you coming back?
    I attended the College of DuPage, and during my time there I was part of a club that partners with organizations in the area. It just so happened that RMHC-CNI was one of the nonprofits we worked with, and we provided support by collecting Wish List items for the House. Through that activity I learned that there was a need for volunteers, and I hopped online to submit an application. Now I keep coming back because everyone is so kind and helpful, and there’s such variety in the tasks to be done during each shift.
  4. What is your favorite memory or experience from volunteering?
    My favorite memory was being in the playroom, cleaning toys, and seeing a family in the dining room. There was a child with the family and they started peeking into the playroom windows, trying their best to be patient about getting to play. I wound up having a great conversation with the child and family, and it was so fun to be the person to let the kiddo into the playroom! Getting to interact with families like that is so fun, so those moments are always my favorite.
  5. What does it mean to you to donate your time to RMHC-CNI?
    I always think about how if I was ever in need then I would hope there would be people who would help me. I think it’s so important to give back. Plus, volunteering at the House is simple, and the shifts go by so quickly. Right now, I have the opportunity and ability to give my time, so it’s important that I use it to help others.
  6. If someone was thinking about becoming a volunteer with our organization, what would you tell them about what they can expect if/when they get involved?
    I would say to definitely do your research in order to really understand the organization, opportunity and what you would be doing as a volunteer. Getting involved with RMHC-CNI is a great choice though because there’s always a staff member to go to for help, and it’s such a nice way to fill your time and give back.

Thank you Destiny for your contributions to helping families feel at home!

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