This Mother’s Day, please consider making a donation to help keep families like Stacy’s together

No one knows better than Stacy Woelfel that simply getting to be together with her family is the best that life has to offer.

For her and four-year-old daughter Caroline, there are no quick fixes ahead. Born with a hole in her heart, Caroline’s illness has left her with underlying conditions like chronic fatigue, autonomic dysfunction, and the need for leg braces.

Due to Caroline’s ongoing conditions, she has to go to the hospital at least once a month for routine appointments. With the hospital being hours away from their rural home, Ronald McDonald House® relieves them of the need to find and pay for lodging during these visits.

“We’re going through a lot, but we also have a lot of support.”

The House provides even more than monetary support for the Woelfel family. “Caroline calls it her ‘safe place’ where she knows she won’t be poked and prodded. The staff gives her high-fives and encouragement as we head to the hospital. And then she comes back and tells them how she was so brave.”

“Even when it’s hard, we take each thing as it comes—together.”

“Ronald McDonald House is here so we can have our base, and be with our child. We have the freedom to come when we need to. It’s so important. Caroline will never be alone in this. Never.”

When asked what she would say to other moms with sick kids, Stacy replies, “Take a deep breath. You’re getting your child the help they need. You are together and that’s what’s important.”

“We stay in the present and find the joy in the little things. To be together now, in this moment, is everything.”

Your donation to RMHC-CNI helps keep families together and near the care their sick child needs.

With love and gratitude,

Your friends at RMHC-CNI