Ronald McDonald House near Advocate Children’s Meals from the Heart

Volunteer to provide a home-cooked meal for our families


“The kitchen is the heart of every home”. The meals provided by generous volunteers bring love into the Ronald McDonald House every day, allowing families to unwind, de-stress, and fortify their bodies to be at their best for their child in the hospital. Meals from the Heart volunteers work as a group (up to 10 people) to plan a menu, purchase the ingredients, and prepare the meal in our full service kitchen, allowing families to find nourishment and comfort in a shared meal. Please note: ALL food must be prepared in our kitchen or brought directly from a commercial kitchen. Par-baked or pre-prepared food will not be able to be served. Feel free to pull up to our House to drop off food, and then please park your car across the street in the parking tower, which is free. 






Step One: Choose a Date

Visit our online calendar to see which meal dates are ‘open’ to cook a meal. Please choose three ‘open’ dates to include in the application below.


*Our calendar and other areas of our website are not compatible with the recent Internet Explorer upgrade.  Should you have problems viewing, consider using an alternate web browser.  Please call Brittany at 630.623.5533 for assistance.


Step Two: Please complete the ‘Meals from the Heart’ application

Please complete and submit the application below to help us plan your visit.




Please contact Brittany Wozniak
Volunteer Services Manager 

P. 630.623.5533

General Information


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