The Keysers: A Family Tradition of Giving

Bill & Marlo Keyser

Bill Keyser tends garden at RMHC

RMHC garden tended by Bill Keyser

The Keysers: A Family Tradition of Giving

As a leader and longtime donor of the Charity, Bill Keyser says, “Even before the phenomenal success of the family business, my parents – Bee and the late Donald Keyser – chose to give back to their community.” 

Bill and Marlo have followed this family tradition, making generous investments in a range of worthy projects over the years. With both their home and business located in Evergreen Park near our Ronald McDonald House® near Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, the couple can attest to the Charity’s impact firsthand.


Bill served on our Board of Directors for six years where he chaired the governance committee and helped to lead the development efforts behind our Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn. Bill and his daughter, Kim Keyser Clisham, also sit on the House Community Council working tirelessly to produce the House’s annual Vegas Night fundraiser. Bill also tends to the two raised-bed vegetable gardens and often can be found picking fresh vegetables for the families to enjoy within the House. Marlo generously served on several event committees and also enjoys volunteering at the Oak Lawn House with her family.


Bill and Marlo made a legacy gift of a life insurance policy to the Charity. This gift is recognized as a significant investment in our mission to care for families for future generations. The Keysers’ financial planner, Jim Longo, explained how he helped the couple coordinate the purchase of a new life insurance policy for the purpose of making charitable contributions. Specifically, the Keysers made a tax-deductible cash donation to RMHC-CNI in the amount of the policy’s single premium and RMHC-CNI used the donation to pay for the policy as its new owner.


The policy insures the lives of both Bill and Marlo so after their deaths, RMHC-CNI will receive a benefit substantially more than the cost of the premium. According to Mr. Longo, this is the chief advantage of this type of gift for both the donor and a charity. “A much smaller initial gift can be leveraged to result in a truly significant legacy gift,” he says. “Most importantly, the Keysers have served as an example to others through their generosity.”



Three Easy Ways to Leave a Lasting Legacy 

Will/Living Trust: To offer support without giving up assets today, you may include RMHC-CNI in a will or living trust and leave a specific asset, dollar amount or percentage of your estate to the Charity. 

Retirement Account: Name RMHC-CNI as the beneficiary of your retirement account and receive an estate tax charitable deduction. 

Life Insurance Policy: Name RMHC-CNI as the beneficiary of a percentage of an existing life insurance policy’s death benefit.

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