Hannah Stopps - girl in hospital bed with cast

Hannah Stopps’s Family

In October 2015, Hannah Stopps went from being a perfectly healthy three-year-old, to needing emergency brain surgery for a life-threatening brain disorder and respiratory failure. Her dad David and mom Lori spent nearly a month at the Ronald McDonald Room and Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s as Hannah underwent surgery and began recovery. Today, Hannah is a happy and vibrant five-year-old with a new baby brother and a loving big sister.

“When Hannah needed her surgery, we were emotional wrecks. But, Ronald McDonald House provided us with a place to sleep in the hospital and eat a warm meal. I don’t know how we would have made it through Hannah’s hospitalization without this support,” says Hannah’s mom, Lori. “When our whole world was falling apart, Ronald McDonald House provided us with a place to lay our heads, cry and pray for her. Thankfully Hannah recovered from her surgery and today, Ronald McDonald House provides Hannah with a place to go when she is scared of tests. It’s a fun place where she can smile and laugh and not worry about doctors’ appointments or tests.”