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“I remember hearing about Ronald McDonald House of Chicagoland when I was kid, but never understood what it was all about. As I got older, I remember learning and understanding more what they really do for sick kids and their families and how they help so many people during really difficult times.  


I wanted to get involved with RMHC-CNI because when children are faced with a difficult situation, they and their families have enough to already worry about with trying to get better, RMHC-CNI makes it so getting better is the only priority.  RMHC-CNI takes away other concerns that the family might have and make it so the child and family can focus on each other and getting better.  


RMHC-CNI helps to put smiles on kid’s faces during times when it might not be so easy, and that is something that I want to be a part of.  My favorite part has been seeing the smiles on kids faces at different events and enjoying the family-like atmosphere that Ronald McDonald House has among all of its volunteers and team members – it’s something that makes RMHC-CNI truly special.” 

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