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Air Prayers for Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's

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Join this special project and SHARE your PRAYERS in the new Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

“UP” in the House

As part of a unique fundraising project, RMHC-CNI has partnered with AirPrayers to create a very special art piece called “UP” in the House. A colorful bouquet of blown glass “Prayer Balloons” will be displayed at the entrance to the Contemplation Room in the new house. This beautiful art piece will allow donors to have their name inscribed on one of the glass “Prayer Balloons”. It is our goal to get as many people participating in this project as possible because we want our families to feel the comforting power of prayer from our generous community of supporters.

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$1,000 ~ Blue “Prayer Balloon” of Comfort

$2,500 ~ Green “Prayer Balloon” of Care

$5,000 ~ Orange “Prayer Balloon” of Courage

$10,000 ~ Red “Prayer Balloon” of Strength

$25,000 ~ Gold “Prayer Balloon” of Hope

$50,000 ~ Silver “Prayer Balloon” of Healing

*Donations less than $1,000 will have their name inscribed on the base of the art piece.


in the House

Our children

Our families

The House that we share

Our hopes

Our hearts

The people that care

Our faith

Our angels

Show us the way

Our prayers

Our balloons

Lift us “UP” everyday

~ Christine Cantalupo

Your personalized donation to this project will not only lift “UP” the spirits of our families but of all the volunteers and members of the RMHC family who dedicate their time to make a difference for these children and their loved ones. You will receive a special commemorative coin for your very meaningful donation.

Thank you for SHARING your PRAYERS!

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